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Why I love teaching Compassion Cultivation Training

Last Monday, at The Mindful Society conference here in Toronto, I had the wonderful honour of co-leading a full day of Compassion Training with the esteemed Geshe Thupten Jinpa , author of A Fearless Heart and the Compassion Cultivation Training program. It got me thinking more about why exactly I love teaching this CCT program so much. It has a lot to do with what the theme of The Mindful Society conference was this year “Be, Act, Belong”


In many media posts about personal development, it seems there is often a lot of talk about self-compassion and resilience . For me, teaching CCT is rewarding because of the potential it has to have a broader impact. “Resilience” is not another individualistic self-improvement project.
Sometimes it seems that our competitive, achievement focused culture assumes that improvement/growth happens in a vacuum of the individual person. But, what if resilience and growth came more from the environment and community that supports us?

What if resilience and growth of the individual is a collective endeavour? What if we extended the Hilary Clinton adage “It takes a village to raise a child” to “It takes a village to support any one individual.... wherever they may be in their journey” *

For me, teaching CCT classes cultivates and strengthens the shared responsibility we have to make the world a more supportive and caring place. The process of cultivating compassion over 8 weeks of meeting weekly and practicing together helps us all get unstuck from the small “self” and any number of endless options for *self* improvement and *personal* development. Cultivating compassion must ultimately have a broader impact in our environment and community if it is to genuinely have meaning and purpose. This is the reason I love teaching CCT.

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