A one-hour program for groups of up to 100 people offered onsite at your workplace. These seminars offer an introduction to mindfulness and a focus on improving wellness at work and in life.

  • A guided meditation for stress reduction and relaxation

  • Information about the applying mindfulness and compassion in daily life

  • Practice exercises using a mindfulness and compassion mindset to help alleviate stress at work or in life

  • Techniques for cultivating greater clarity and focus

  • At the end of the presentation participants will receive a list of resources and access to online guided meditations

Rate: $500 +

Action with Intention - Mindfulness Training 

This program offers more in-depth training for groups of up to twenty employees. This is the most customizable option for the unique needs of your workplace. It has the greatest potential to shift workplace culture by having mindfulness implanted into daily life.

It includes:

  • An introductory Mindfulness-At-Work one-hour seminar as described above.

  • Follow up sessions to help your team identify context-specific goals for improving work life and wellbeing.

  • Two additional onsite follow up training sessions to guide participants with specific instructions using a mindfulness and compassion mindset to help them achieve their goals and improve work life.

  • Online and email support is provided throughout the course of the program.

  • A closing final session will help you and your team consolidate the skills and evaluate the results.

Rate: To be determined depending on the number of employees and the complexity of the objectives identified. 


Mindfulness and Stress Reduction Training

This is a very accessible and enjoyable option for many businesses that want to introduce mindfulness to the workplace. It includes:

  • One hour training at your offices, once a week over four weeks

  • Each session includes 30 minutes of meditation guidance instruction and 30 minutes of question and discussion about implementing mindfulness in daily life.

Online support and follow up resources will be provided. A minimum registration of six employees is recommended. 

Rate: To be determined depending on the number of employees