Mindful Momentum offers group training programs to help individuals increase resilience and reduce symptoms of stress and overwhelm. Our seminars and weekly training programs help people develop skills and tools to take courageous compassionate action. Training in mindfulness and compassion can improve mental health and prevent difficulties such as depression, anxiety, and relationship conflict. 

If you find yourself lacking in motivation and wanting to devote more attention to your own self-care, or if you are a business leader looking to support mental health in the workplace, then Mindful Momentum can help, by providing structured, evidence-based training programs that will promote a growth mindset and a culture of cooperation and kindness. 

Laurisa Dill is a Registered Psychotherapist and Stanford Trained Compassion Cultivation Teacher. She started Mindful Momentum to use her professional knowledge of human motivation to help people take action with intention. Mindful Momentum training programs will help you reduce inner obstacles that get in the way of real world, everyday good habits. Mindful Momentum will help you or your team nurture a greater sense of connection, happiness, and meaningful purpose.